Going through a fellow bloggers’ article, I was like, ‘mehn! this is just what I feel’. Obviously, you ain’t the only one going through whatever you’re going through. I’m gonna scream it to the world – LOVE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. But humans being human we screw it up mostly and then put the blame on fragile love. [PAUSE]


 [CONTINUE] Awwwwn, some of us think of meeting our perfect match by chance in the mall while shopping and we just collide and look into each other’s eyes and we get smitten and just know – you are meant for me forever. Hahaha …and other silly scenarios like being a knight to a damsel in distress or being the knight in distress, the list of dreamy perfect romantic relationship kick-starters goes on and on. While some have been lucky, a whole bunch of us have evolved to know that there’s nothing like meeting a soulmate [arguable], soulmates are created with care [or patience], commitment, and communication.


Really, we meet some people and we feel ‘oh yeah! You’re the ONE’, but things don’t necessarily get easy and we chicken out – like ‘nah, that was a big delusion, what the heck was I thinking’; at times, we hold on to a big delusion when we are supposed to let go. It’s never an easy decision, I mean, letting go or holding on is a quagmire I’m not gonna get into – each to their own 🙂 .  Love isn’t emotional, physical/sexual, psychological or financial ABUSE and a myriad of absurd and pitiable excuses…BUT having a lovable relationship is something to be diligently created and sustained by two people who REALLY want to be together to create something intricately beautiful. If you disagree, go argue with your pillow.


image credit: Shawna Erback – fineartamerica.com


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