Emancipation for WE Slim Beings

JamieHave you ever sat in a public transport and wondered, ‘who the heck told me to be slim’? I’m proud of my looks really, it suits me just fine, but at times it’s just a damn liability. People on the big side just feel they can ‘shift’ you anyhow without an iota of a simple ‘kindly shift’ courtesy, and that’s even better…at times, it’s just like jam between huge chunks of bread, the biggies will squeeze the smallies and still have the guts to complain the space isn’t enough, despite the fact that we ‘slim beings’ are the victims. I look at some thighs and knees and it’s like triple mine and I’ll be like damn ‘see my life mehn’, followed by a ‘thank God this place ain’t home, just some minutes or HOURS inconvenience’.

I remember complaining recently to a fellow commuter, and his abrasive response was “this isn’t your bedroom”, and I was looking at the space he’s occupying and wondering if this was ‘his hotel room’, retorted the ‘ain’t your bedroom’ to him too, didn’t change a thing though. He wanted to be mean and I was determined not to let a meanie ruin my morning, but he did ruin the day.

At times, it’s just a tug of war, trying to hold onto our tiny space without making it so obvious, knee pushing against knee (they are just so relaxed and we are just so conscious like “nigga/ma’am! you ain’t gonna be encroaching my tiny space mehn!”), at times WE just resign like ‘this sh*t isn’t gonna last forever’. It hurts oh you big people!! 🙂 Arrggghhhh. But really, you peeps on the big side need to be considerate at times yo! On the other hand, there should be a law protecting the slim people from the biggies!!!

The war is real yo!!


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