Feel the Peel


credits: pinterest.com

Lots of ideas, procrastination, and busy schedule.


So back to business.

But hey! Remember our lovely dog Rotella? She gave birth to 11, like wooow!! 11 puppies, and I was like, damn! that bitch is a pig??? 😀

And then, yesterday, I witnessed a lovely sight, a rainbow on my right side and a beautiful sunset on my left, a pity I couldn’t really take a picture. So those are outta the way.

Let’s talk peels, not pills 😉

I used to think I was a really close family to the monkeys, though it must be said I believe in the ‘dust to human’ theory and not the Charles Darwin evolution theory. Why? I used to eat banana peels when I was very small, I mean I still do it once in a while. But I used to eat them stealthily and was ignorant of it’s benefits till now, so now I feel like an instinctive gem sniffer or a health conscious King Kong.

Long story short, the peel of a banana has a high serotonin content (a mood-balancing chemical) which can help reduce depression. It also has an antioxidant lutein which is good for eyesight.

Other fruit peels are beneficial to us too like the citrus fruits’ peel which contains more vitamin C than its inside part, and is high in antioxidants, also helping the fight against skin cancer. There you go, can be unpalatable eating them raw at times, but one can be creative with them – google! Also, potato skins are full of iron and potassium. In fact, 70% of the iron in a potato is in the skin alone…there you go! Even the peel of watermelon (and seed), papaya, and the likes have a great nutritional value and add exotic or unique feels to our taste-buds. Even the shell of eggs, let’s call that egg peel 😉 , has a high calcium content which we basically waste in the bin.

Start feeling the peels, stop wastage and littering…of course, doesn’t mean we eat them excessively! And please, do wash your fruits properly, lol. Anyways, now I can eat my banana with its peels in public in absolute peace without feeling totally alien, even if I just might still be. 😀


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