In Pursuit of Love [Empathy]


May I speak from my hearth?

For she has swam so far from my earth

If I in chase stoke this boat too hard

Would I scare her away bard?

If I revved, rowed hard with oars

Would her love flee from its roars?

Scenic sea filled with thuds and ruts

Eagerly expected enchanted jaunts

Like a typical Nigerian road magnified

Turns gut-wrenching and jolting

At least we ain’t seasick vomiting

Or maybe she is wanting to escape

I look at the sinuous seascape

Swarmed by silver fins, teeth, sleekiness

I neither see nor hear her golden bubbleness

Fearing strong torrents will sweep us apart

Yet reeling my head in from speaking my art

My heart battles ego – pride?

But my tongue streamed it vibrant in this ride

So engine’s off to watch the skies dream

For whisper, speak, or scream

Would a difference not make

So let this love sail

Whither it would

…to be continued

image credits: @thechudy_


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