So what’s it with my socks?! I love wearing [rocking?!, haha] socks, and not just with shoes, indoors with slip-ons and to sleep. Since I’m a Nigerian, it’s usually odd to people and they be like, ‘dude why do on put on socks to sleep and all the time!?’ And I’ll be like ‘I’m damn comfortable with it like that’. It’s just like using a blankie or cover cloth to me…it’s either I’m using one or the other but rarely none [asides when I’m too tired to do neither] else… Honestly, the socks thing just started like 6 years ago when I temporarily moved to a rather dusty, sandy and cold part of Nigeria…and yeah, birthed the head-warmer wearing habit too whether it’s chilly or not.

But yaaaayyyy!!! Came across an article that basically explains why I and we wear socks to sleep, and it’s just rather cool and realistic. Joseph Krainin, MD, founder and president of Singular Sleep, LLC, and Chief Medical Expert for SoClean, posits that wearing socks to bed can decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. ‘The benefit of wearing socks to bed seems to be vasodilation. The best explanation is that warming the feet causes blood vessels to dilate and this signals to the brain that it’s time to fall asleep.’ So head warmers or beanies, as it may be, also give this warmth in my own opinion – warmth and cocoon-feeling – in other words vasodilation. The cocoon feel without necessarily necessitating a need for sleep might be responsible for why I just seem to wanna be in socks indoors, I don’t like sleep that much, hahahehe 😀 .

So don’t be so hasty to laugh or see me as eccentric the next time I tell you I wear socks or head warmer to sleep and all over the place basically. It’s tha bomb way to sleep really, you might wanna give it a try 😉 .

PS: Still in the name of science, for ladies with low libido, study at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, also reveal that 80 per cent of women involved in the study were able to achieve orgasm when were given socks to wear, compared with  50 per cent when barefooted. Now isn’t that a bad-ass incentive??! …wasn’t me that said so! HAHAHA…#Kapish

image credit: mulpix.com


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