[Aside]Having had to relocate, I so miss my dogs (Lexie and Rotella) back at home. And getting to see adorable dogs on the internet once in a while, I just go ‘awwwwn’ like a love-lost sucker…lool. Dogs are just a lovely and comforting companion. Don’t let me get on that train. 😀

Why did we become men? Better still, “I wish I didn’t have to be a man”…it comes in various forms – friends and a few times, me. We all just wonder why we had to leave childhood and become men. Well, some never did leave ‘childhood’ regardless of their age, more of a ‘forever child’ syndrome. #chuckles…one can be ‘forever young’ though, even if it doesn’t involve just only sky-watching, weed, cold champagne and pretty girls with their bums up on the hood – Porsches and Bentleys.

It is funny some concept ‘man’ that circulates really. Back in school, sometimes last year, a friend asked me if I was fubbing a colleague, to which I replied “naahhhh”, he looked at me and asked me how many girls I’d fubbed and when I replied he look at me sneeringly and exclaimed ‘and you’ll be forming Don up and down’. It was quite funny. So because I haven’t fubbed 10-100 girls as the case may be, I ain’t a man yet? Now what made this ‘I’m a man’ warping come to the fore was another incident – I was in need of some space and while meeting with some agents, one (a probably married middle age ‘man’) was like ‘as agile as you are, you should be fubbing 3-4 girls in a week’, it was the highlight of a stressful weekend. But it just got me thinking like “seriously?? That’s what you think I got on my mind right now or ever?”

So hey! I’m not a celibate or claiming to be ‘holier than thou’, but well, having been placed in a position to think like a man (although I think I’ve always thought like one based on forensic evidence, lol), being a man goes beyond having a string of girlfriends, having sex with everything in skirt just ‘cos you have a dick, drinking to stupor every night, spending money indiscriminately (whether you got it or not), not having a savings or investment, riding the latest cars or using the latest gadgets…mostly only boys think like that. As a young lad being indoctrinated into manhood, being a man is a lot of responsibility, can be overwhelming if not handled carefully and with diligence. Okay, so we all know what growing up is even if we want to deny this many a times: more responsibilities – financial, emotional, career-wise, family, involves sacrifices for a better tomorrow (even when no one knows tomorrow) – saving, planning, investing. It means calculations and permutations – bills and expenses, lifestyle and expectations, most especially for people with average incomes living in a high-cost city. And of course, lesser time for oneself, both for relaxation or personal development – it takes serious planning…PLANNING. I mean if it isn’t the job, it’s just one chore or the other, arggh!

Oh, being a man, well, it means loving without expectations of reciprocation, doesn’t mean one becomes lovesick and life grinds to a halt, but love without expecting anything in return, the purest form of love only men will understand. We have to think like a man, the alternative might seem better and some practice it, but there’s time and season for all. Does it really get better after school? Hahahehe…y’all just gotta find out on your own! …What do I know *in Ed Sheeran’s voice*.


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