581040209_oIt’s 6:47am.

And it’s Monday.

But I feel real good; nothing beats a good night rest really.

Work, work, work. It feels good to be here again. It’s been,  well, kinda hectic, and lots of ideas in my head, feel like jamming everything in a post. Lol

Love, she has knocked me up, knocked me down and knocked me sideways, but I still love love. Look, I’m just on a roll, so roll with my rolls. I’ve learnt that love is not always about what I want, but what I can give, and what I can continue giving within the width and breadth of my love, of course we have different measurement of love. Wow…I’m so learning a lot of things, about TIME, we so misuse time, and TIME is WEALTH, I mean, they say health is wealth, but what we do with our time also determines our health. We all pray we wanna be rich and all, but time is money, in other words, what we use with our time, determines our wealth, so many a times, we waste time, throw it away, bin it doing useless activities, even when we have time to sleep, press phone all day, play games all night, we definitely don’t have time to do things that are actually worthwhile. I’m actually grinning here, was listening to the radio in my comfy bus this morning about criticism and this is starting to look like a helluva criticism…a constructive one nonetheless. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME!? It’s a beautiful Monday morning, Lol.

I was in church yesterday and well, something lead to something and I wrote this funny poem:


Roots deep in the Solid Rock of Ages

Nourished by His Bread daily

When my branches get wild

He gently, maybe forcibly, trims me

So I try to be neat and keep blooming

Storms blow threatening to uproot me

But my roots are well sunk

Alas, they walk by, and viola

My trunk becomes a recipient of putrid pee

I bear fruits

Stick gets thrown to pluck ‘em

Some climb into my branches to pluck ‘em

Some just climb to sit on m’branches

With no permit of course

Sometimes, my fruits just get spoilt

Oh! Some try to cut me down too

But I stay strong

Silent and growing

I am, tree

As I look at me

A tree with diverse drives

But only one essence


image credit: hdwalls.xyz


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