The Marriage-Satellite Dish Analogy

Marriage is like being in a restaurant with friends; you make an order and seem satisfied until you see what your friends have ordered.

th8rzq3nngHold up yo! 🙂 I was talking to a colleague about work and all and somehow we dabbled into marriage, he just got married recently and realised he couldn’t play his candy crush games once he got home and I was like marriage is a self-imposed jail with benefits, though that was said on a lighter side even if true – depends on perspective. But his analogy was frank and bemusing, he compared marriage to a satellite dish equipped with just one station and one has to watch that station for life. Well, he was quite right although I was of the opinion it was an unfair analogy. I think he used to be a ‘player’ (don’t tell him), but of course I didn’t ask him, anyway, I was thinking within me, you are right, and most times we with fickleness surf on the dish stations without really sticking with a station till we settle for one – I, for one, am a fan of Nat Geo Wild or Nat Geo and its equivalent. Anyway, guys! if you are going to be stuck watching just a station for life, you’d better damn make sure it’s the best, mentally stimulating, most fun, most cool, sweetest station of your life!



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