Black and White

white-and-blackThere is a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth. ~ Maya Angelou

Things are hardly black and white even when it seems so there’s a whole lot of red beneath. [Comic aside: brings to mind Soyinka’s Telephone conversation] The world is moving at a hyper speed that blurs lines. There isn’t wrong or right again…we hide behind desires and getting them. Junks everywhere – physical and spiritual, for the ‘awake’ beings, they understand the spiritual rules the physical…beliefs matter, songs matter, mental representations and constructs sure matter…drinks and food…they all matter. Chemicals being ingested with fervor, distorted reality being absorbed greedily. I feel for Africa, she’s been stripped of all dignity; you talk traditions, customs, which we once were respected for and made us unique, they are all gone in the abyss of civilization. What a word – the lines of which isn’t in black and white. What really is education? Reading, writing and passing exams with good grades? Even if character and morals go to blazes in the embrace of expression and freedom? So many educated ignoramuses walking about in fabricated glory. It isn’t really in black and white, the slavery still going on in facets of life – Black or White. Oh, was trump right when he slammed our African leaders? Of course yes, ignorant pulleys and self-blindfolded they all are. Does that make Trump perfect or untainted? No…he’s as corrupt, cunning, and twisted as any of the leaders he lambasts, he just lives in a different reality. It could be argued that Whites brought the cloud of corruption with them to Mother Africa, we just turned it into a storm. Discipline is the price of freedom (Elton Trueblood). It isn’t all black and white.

black-abstract-painting-on-white-backgroundWhite could as well being black and vice versa, it’s all about the perception. Ol’ boy! The wanna-be-rich syndrome is fast spreading like a wildfire in dry lands without a geographical constraint. And it’s saddening how many people get sucked into its flames and get burnt, even men in black and white, of course y’all know I’m talking about. We blame everything and everyone but ourselves. Five minutes in meditation and soul-searching we can hardly spare, our world bamboozled by and thoroughly immersed in  social networks (which create an illusion of companionship), gadgets – phones, laptops, games, TV, and the likes, crazy music which adds nothing positive to the soul (the madder and crazier the musician/lyric is the better). We are scared of what we may find if we find our ‘soul’ so we bury ourselves into activities. Feelings are especially not in black and white – they come and go (length varies); love today? I’m not even going to go there. The blurry line between discipline and dictatorial, tactful and evasiveness, firmness and pig-headedness, etc. It isn’t all black and white.

black-and-white-abstract-drawings-wallpaper-3This piece isn’t going to change much although it’s in black and white as it isn’t all black and white. But if it brings to the consciousness of a willing soul the importance of better values, belief system, and priorities, than the ones being touted today even in churches and mosques, then it’s purpose has been served. When machines take over in a few decades, all we’ll be left with is our values and behavioural intelligence/skills. But what do I know? It isn’t all black and white!


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