The Storm


The skies suddenly went loco

The wind whistled like a boiling kettle

Blew branches off their mooring 

Birds flapped off course with it’s unrelenting waves

Thunder boomed like an angry judge

Lightening crackled like a being disturbed rattlesnake

A storm is coming screamed his mind

A savage storm 

He was worried sick

His imagination spurn on hyper-speed

What storm is this his heart kneeled

So he hid 

Hid for minutes

Minutes turned hours

But the storm never came

Like an expectant lover, bittersweet it was

So he came out of his steel-reinforced hearth

The shady smiles of the sun willing his frame into the fields

Then he felt a liquid drop on him

Looked fearfully into the skies

And got thoroughly ravished by a raging rain



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