Insight: Lost Souls

Something in me wants thawing

Keeps clawing to be released

Achy and itching like an old sore that won’t heal

It’d be madness to let it out

Pretend to be strong I must

Gust it in with unrelenting deafness

Else clowns view me with scorn

I’m lulled by the many number of dancers

Dancing with frenzy to a tune not understood

Who I am I have an idea

Slipping in and out like a shy ghost in this big noisy ballroom


Reality is what it is

Whatever is is

We are who we aren’t

Facades and costumes

Can I really change the world?


It has always waked these ways for ages

These little drops of care only make little boats

It is a lie. Light doesn’t always overcome darkness

When darkness is an unending ocean

And light, a little wooden boat flailing for surviving

Believers cheer when it stubbornly triumphs

In failure, its carcasses lie cold beneath forgotten


There’s a journey I must embark on

In a little swaying wooden boat

Foamy paths to be plowed through huge dark waves

Ultimately microscopic in the cosmos

Still, a desire to leave a beacon

Even if ultimately thick dark fogs cloud it


Knowing is different from beginning

Scared of scrying who I am

If I do, then I have to be me

And me in this Halloween-ball

Is like fresh meat to Klingon mastiffs

I know what I have to do though

To avoid that which I need to do

So I put on my colourful mask

A toothy smile as I look into your masterful mask

I know I’m not alone in my weakness

And if you do ever tire of this maskness

You’d see in my stained toothy smiles

A reflection of your drained soul

An emptiness not to be blindly ignored

Whether we’d together be strong to unmask

Is a task I’d rather not ask my soul



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