A bee tale

bee-foodToday came with its own bee tale.

I was reading on and off peacefully, when I started hearing a woman wail about her turkeys from the adjacent compound, I was there wondering what the brouhaha was all about.

The she screamed, “si lekun si lekun”, repeatedly.

I then decided to go do gbeborun. I went out in my head-warmer (I’m fond of that thing even in warm weather), t-shirt, pants, socks, and slippers, with a thick cord I was using as sleep masks around my neck.  Everything seemed to be in order. I was a lil’ disappointed.

I decided to play with Lexie and Rotella in their cages, our dogs, if you didn’t know already. Then Lexie killed this insect and I thought it was a big fly and continued teasing her, then I saw one land on Rotella’s face and she was trying to get it off.

I was going to go closer to her when, suddenly, like three buzzing insects surrounded my head-warmer, without thinking, I took off. One of my slippers slipped off, when the cord slipped off I don’t know, it was as if one was in my shirt so I un-shirted in motion [as at that time they were more than three, I wasn’t counting, sorry], and ran the hell inside, I managed barely to hold onto my head-warmer. That was all in about 20 seconds or less. I got inside and was like, “okay, chill. What was even chasing you sef.

Anyway, I could hear the neighbor calling people that there were bees in the area, then came another situation. The bees decided to go play with the dogs, and I was peeping from the window, and well, I was hoping animals could talk with one another, was disappointed in this case, they started yapping. I couldn’t leave them there. They should thank their gods I was home.

I went to war.

Put on a long shirt I did, a spectacles, glove, broom, and a scarf (don’t ask me where I got it), and then arrgghhhh, sprayed my outfit with pesticide (jeez). I was kinda confident a little, hmph, I was to be disappointed again! The buzzing bastards got me surrounded, anyway, I got Rotella out, and off she went round the compound, there were like ten bees on her and she was ready to twerk, eventually I got her inside the house. I was really contemplating leaving Lexie out there mehn, but I re-sprayed and well, got her in faster than Rotella. The broom didn’t help shit – they were too erratic, buh I killed some as they clung to me anyway. Oh! by the way, I managed to get my slippers, cord, and shirt back, wasn’t gonna be embarrassed by having to tell the fleeing tale to someone who walked in to see them all over. Lol.

I wasn’t stung and so the clan survived.

I did some research, they were honey bees, and I should have stayed motionless till they left, but what the heck!! Don’t blame me. And the dogs didn’t know better.

 PS: They left after a few hours. Buh who da heck went to disturb them from wherever??! They did make for an eventful day though.

*si lekun – open the door

*gbeborun – eavesdrop, go a-peeping…better still, investigate. 😀


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