An Encounter



She sat along the road with her trash-filled bags

With bent aged head reading an old book

And I was telling myself to ignore her

But then she called

And against my initial feeling

I went to her

Speaking good and fluent English

She asked, “are you a church worker?”,

I replied in the affirmative

She added “I need tracts and I need you to get me something,

But the tracts are more important.”

So I went back to the church and got her some tracts

Got back and gave her

The old book turned out to be the Holy Bible

Then she launched into how the church had lost her way

Filled with pride, pretense, and wolves

The need for holiness and a need to retrace steps to God

Church-wise and personal-wise

Amongst other personal things

I stood listening in the hot sun

Awkward. Really awkward.

Ignoring passersby who would be wondering

Awkward but worthwhile long minutes

Then I got her something, a token

And I went on my way with a myriad of thoughts


It’s difficult to put into words the mixed feelings of apprehension and illumination felt in this encounter, if you are Nigerian you’d probably understand, people of the underworld (scammers, thieves, ritualists, etc)pretending to be street-bums and all, and I was pleading the blood of Jesus all through. #chuckles…. On the whole it was worth it, even if not advisable for all circumstances. Street-bums ‘can’ be human though.  


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