fahI don’t claim to be an expert in science especially being in the Humanities. But I was privileged to attend a science conference some months back, and well, my time wasn’t certainly wasted. Leeching, that word alone has my brain on the overdrive…earth would be ecologically balanced without humans, agree or agree. Humans to the best of my knowledge are the most destructive device that ever existed, I mean it takes a human to make an atomic bomb right? and the sad truth is we are slowly killing ourselves daily. Back to the crux of this post, leeching, by my way of understanding, happens when substances find their ways into other materials in the ground. We have chemicals leeching into our waters, and by the way, earth is virtually made up of water (75%), but only the smallest of percentages is available for human consumption 25%, out of this 25%, 99.75 is not useable (ice, atmosphere, etc) , so we’re left with just 0.3% [that is real scary]. Yet these get contaminated by the chemicals we keep pouring, like eccentric self-terminators, into the ground indiscriminately – herbicides, pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, the tar from road-making, detergents, chemical wastes, amongst a host of other sources – we inadvertently keep mauling the land and ourselves. Quick detour: it’s a pity Africa is a dumping site for most of these top European chemical companies and the government knows no better.

The famous aphorism says: an apple a day keeps the doctor away; but what it fails to take into consideration is where the roots of these apple trees are and what other ‘elements’ asides the benefiting ones it takes in. The sad thing is, water flows, so a chemical leeched into water can travel distances even if one decides to personally stay ‘chemical-free’ and do home gardening. While technology can be blamed for a lot of ‘dumbness’, really, the food [including fruits] intake has a lot of impact on brain formation, et cetera…. So the phobia really is, this fruit I’m taking, is it really beneficial at the end of the day or just another step towards death, that just keeps popping into my head y’know, randomly, but doesn’t stop me from eating them. We keep seeing a lot of cancer cases amongst other insane sicknesses that weren’t so common nowadays, and while there are other factors…okay, don’t let us go there, that’s a whole new blog post. Point is, we all need to be aware that first, we are our own worst enemy [that has been an open secret for ages, we just won’t heed it] and second, educate each other on the need for self-preservation which starts from taking care of the natural resources we have.

Disclaimer: Please keep eating fruits; it’s good for your health.


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