smoky thoughts to YOU


As the early Monday morning broke, you started coughing, it’s becoming frequent in recent days, and I laid in my bed wondering, “why the hell won’t you quit smoking”?


People get addicted, and well, various shades and sizes…it can be terrifyingly hard, but people also get out of addiction. It all has to do with determination and purpose.

And for decades you have smoked, smoked heavily like a constantly churning chimney. I once talked with you, you said you weren’t addicted (a tale of addicts), if so, try to stop for a week just to prove it I’m thinking, then we’ll know who’s controlling who.

Like a lovesick lover of unrequited love, you keep defending your lover…you say smoking ain’t at the root of your problems. I want to laugh, but it’d be inappropriate.

Smoking made you lose your first love and probably other potential loves, it made your brilliant brain become a mockery, you barely passed out of college, it made you crazy [literally], and probably still makes you so, and you look me in the eye and tell me it ain’t smoking but some spiritual warfare on level 10 rank?

Why won’t you just stop smoking?

Because it gets you high? Makes you forget reality? Makes you utter your darkest and hurtful thoughts at will without reasoning? Or you just want to feel among?

Shouldn’t you stop smoking?

Your smelly breath and odour, your blackened lips and yellow teeth, would you rather wait till your teeth starts to fall off, your lungs starts to collapse, your heart struggling for oxygen daily as you strangulate it, your liver weeping with daily over-drinking because you think drinking alcohol clears your urine?

Would someone just please appeal to you, stop? Despite all the previous appeals, someone, anyone, just appeal to you to stop, before…before…

You think you are superhuman? Sadly, we all ain’t, it’s just a human delusion. As you age, as you age, your body isn’t made stronger by all those smokes, sadly no, you may think it’s got you resilient…what can I say. You ain’t superhuman.

You can break free, only you can make that happen, a million prayers won’t break it if you don’t wish to be free, and really, you don’t and the million prayers hasn’t.

All for peanuts? To roll around with who?

You say well, look at them rich musicians, they blaze all day long…mehn! I really doubt that, asides from Snopp Dogg anyway, maybe it’s just a mentality thing. Ain’t my biz, but I wonder, you do want to marry an educated and responsible person yeah? And yet, you think anyone like that will settle for … I ain’t a judge and pray you really get someone lovely.

Why do you smoke so much?

It’s a heavy burden, maybe not for you, but for every other person besides you. Just let it go, gradually, and totally.


PS: We all get addicted to several self-destructive habits: excessive drinking, unruly driving, masturbation, negativity, and a host of others, but as Mose Dayan said, “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul”.


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