New boo-boo

Cameron 1 (1)Hey! This is gonna be real short, wait for it -*drumroll*- got a bundle of surprise yesterday, a new booboo in the building, and he’s called – wait for it – Cameron. Okay, that’s our new dog.

Well, he’s been full of drama really, squirmed out of the iron-barred cage, well that was easy, it was meant for our large dogs. Then, we decided to tie it up to the cage with a well-knotted rope, after running to and fro, our dear Cameron rolled on it’s back and chewed the rope off, hahaha. Hilarious. And why was lil’ feisty Cameron going through all this? He just wanted to go hide under the car and growl, did it several annoying times already, should have been a Car mechanic in another life yo. 🙂

Cameron 1 (2)Well, guess he’s just adjusting to his new environs, was fun hanging out with him in my room today, he peed on my carpet tho’, and he still growls at times before warming up. Hopefully, he’ll add to the fun provided already by Lexie and Rotella.

All hail, Cameron.


6 thoughts on “New boo-boo

    1. Yuppppp!!!! that’s bob-boo Cameron, might grow up to be the Prime Minister of … hahahehe…
      Thanks ma’am…like gurl, he pissed like thrice there already, pooed in my bro’s room and the living room and i had to do the packing…damn! dude ain’t allowed in the house again oh! He’s on suspension…hahahehe

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      1. lol…the prime minister of dog land, if and when they decide to start a form of government…hehe, poor Cameron, don’t ban him from the house though, he will learn, it might just take some time.

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  1. Dog land indeed…well, they do have their own kinda government tho’ #grins…only we the initiated know about it, lool….last time he was allowed in AGAIN, dude chewed my usb cord, earpiece, chewed my new socks…#jeezz…he’s on a short leash ma’am…#chuckles #needsalilspanking


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