Doggie Love

Cute dog_389868Wow! Dogs!!! Don’t even know where to start and I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while. I just love dogs and that’s kinda an understatement, even more than most humans…say what? yup! 🙂 And I think having lived with dogs for roughly twenty-two years now, I’m sure of my opinion basically. How many dogs have I lived with in that space of time? Hmmm…roughly thirteen dogs, plus about three dogs that weren’t ours but became my pals. Well, presently we have two dogs – mixed breeds – a hound and Rottweiler, no apologies to suckers for pure breeds. See ehn, mixed or not, as long as you are a dog, and probably not a bull dog, I love you, my neighbour’s dog, Randy, can testify to that – this nigga howled for weeks when he lost his partner, underwent a complete personality change.

Doggie Fam
Top: Randy, Lexie, Rotella; Middle: Hadjia, Hero and Winnie; Bottom: Tracy and Teddy, Murphy, Fluffy       

I remember a movie I watched a decade ago, “All Dogs go to Heaven”…well, I hope you guys all make a good case for up me there 😀 – Winnie, Tracy, Vicky (dirty dog), Hero (my co-streetracer), [my roomie] Fluffy and Murphy (Caucassians), Winner (big loser, haha), Spoty, Hadjia [my friend in the Northern part of Nigeria (2011), should be dead now I think, haha]. I just can’t understand when people say, they are scared of dogs, well maybe I’ve lived with them long enough, but hey! I’ve been bitten twice by a dog, once by ours – I was a lil’ kid then, and once by our neighbour’s – Spot – he had a beef with our dog, but mehn, do I love that dog? A cute all black shaggy dog with a bouncy trot I just so love! Wish I could trot like Spot. Haha. They are just so human, their eyes, fear, love, naughtiness, stubbornness, intuition, kisses, hugs, cleanliness and dirtiness, that cool black nose.

Jeez, I could go on, don’t want this to be long though, definitely doing other posts on dogs. Well, shout out to Lexie and Rotella, our current joy and chaos in the compound and all dog lovers. 🙂

There’s just so many benefits in having a dog peeps. Love and shelter a dog today but don’t get bitten by one!!! 🙂


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