Smiles and Laughs

lol( laugh out loud)

Once upon a time I knew how to keep a grudge with a hard face and loved it wholeheartedly until I stumbled on an open secret – smiles and laughs – not the malicious type, but the heart bubbly type…my life changed. But hey! someone might be reading this and think, ol’ boy still can keep a grudge, maybe with smiles, haha. I’ll tell you all this though, I think no comedian on earth can continuously make me laugh or smile as I. A simple scenery like a cute butterfly, shining sun, funny clouds, some silly mistake, thoughts or memories, ermm… daydreams, on the best of days, even my ‘sadness’ seems funny to me – I’ve learned to laugh at myself – dope. Blah blah. #jeez 🙂

A cheerful heart is a powerful heart, so I read somewhere, so I believe. Okay let me randomly drop anonymous quotes culled from Proverbs by Destin – “only 2% of life is ever perfect, therefore it makes no sense to only be happy when everything is going right”, “happiness is usually a basic thing, that’s why so many people struggle with it”, “smile and laugh and jump for joy even if things aren’t perfect, life is more important than perfection”. 🙂

I really don’t want to write a thesis on this so I’ll keep it simple – someone is asking, ‘is it anyone’s business if I don’t smile ‘, well maybe not, but the benefits outweigh the doubts. And hey, while I’ve experienced all the benefits, I actually researched it…so don’t take it with a pinch of salt. Smiling and laughing can in different situations act as a creativity booster, tranquilizer, tension reducer [more like a repetition], drug for healthier living (healing process, reduces hypertension risks), connection-making mechanism (frowning or a stony face drives people away, people tend to trust a cheery face more), beauty agent or aura (smiling and laughing just makes people cuter and lovable more than any known make-up). I’d like to add it can also have a forever young effect on the spirit and body – you are just going to glow always and people will be like “what’s your secret?” Look, the fact is nowadays, people are too stressed to have fun with themselves and others, always onto the next thing with no time for frivolities such as laughing or smiling, eye-opener is that the opposite of play isn’t work, it is depression.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t hoard nor board up the smiles and laughs, release them and have a new lease of life [hopefully], not a fake or spiteful smile or laugh, but that which just gladdens the heart and lifts the spirit no matter the wrong turns. Learn to smile to people (ermm, okay), some people just need that and their day is made. A smile an hour and you’ll [most likely] never feel sour. Take a smile break peeps. 🙂

 laughter is the best medicine

PS: I hope to God I’ll remember all these myself when I’m drowning in some murky waters. 🙂 Ciao!!!


7 thoughts on “Smiles and Laughs

  1. My default look is actually a grin. I’m not joking. When you see me, you’d assume I just finished laughing over something which is hardly ever the case. I rarely frown. I can barely bring myself to it. See ehn, this life is beans. You cannot kill yourself.
    I think i read somewhere that those who think see the world as comedy and those who feel see the world as tragedy. I fall in the former perhaps

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