cupid luv


I wasn’t going to write on this, but I couldn’t remember what I had the inspiration to write before, maybe it’ll come later. So this piece is dedicated to all, well, romantics out there, who seem to be chasing a fantasy, but as a friend once said, desire is different from a fantasy, to expantiate that, good communication or rapport isn’t fantasy, caring isn’t fantasy (although some ‘levels’ can be), the point is desires doesn’t necessarily denote fantasies, I was illuminated in a way by her. That’s not even the crux of this piece, this piece being a poem by the way, is on good old-fashioned love.  Love either frees or kills, there’s no in between (quote me), God’s love frees us, and we all know the story of Juliet and Romeo, amongst a host of others. But there can be also be a limbo which is usually before love any ways (as regards the above quote), and so many people do find themselves in this limbo. I have been there, maybe still, and lots of people out there still are and will be. Don’t worry, be strong, hold onto you, don’t settle for less and don’t stop developing and loving your self, because you’ve got what someone wants. I could continue to write and write, but here goes.


I vouched for my heart
And she failed me
I should have followed my head
With fingers tapping like the beak of a bird on a glasses
My irritated wheels wonder if Cupid has a beef  with my hide
Continuously knocks my willing heart on a reef
Even though without grief I’d my soul give

Hatless head hits out hard
He screams.
“Why’d you rather cling unto promises of fullness
Than be hooked in unrequested bounties which in abundance beckon?
It’s a boat most hop into boy
All coated with thick bravado.”

The curse of a Pisces?
My nose turns up in annoyance
Hush. Shush. Wait.
Why wouldn’t I compromise?
Must I onto desire hold firmly
Which may not be an eventual acquire
Even as this thread runs
My heart with disdain stitches her ears
Teeth grinds in her helpless hold

At times I’d rather kick this seeming moron into a bin
She has her way of dragging me through tides of thorny feelings
But she does make me smile
With that she’ll always sadly win over him – my head
“Hopefully Cupid will one day my plea hear!”
And that’s Heart says my fingers
Whoever called her right now. Hmph!

Dunno why I ever vouched for my heart
‘Cos now I’m in over my head without a hat
Still with a huge hopeful smirk naked stand I in my desert

silly heart


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