Inside Out


BLEACHOne of the greatest fountains for deep artistic inspiration is pain. You could make an argument for pleasure. But pain trumps. Iyanu’ Oderinde.

There are days I wake up filled with bounding energy and will, there are days the zombie-cloud descends like an apocalypse, while there are times when hurts come to fore like an unrelenting hurricane. Really, it can be a helluva ride, but hey! that’s life…yup I concur.

Over the course of the past few days, I realized, I’m in hiding…that said, most of us are. So what do I mean by ‘in hiding’, there are things I wish I could shed and just turn out, those are ambiguous phrases really. What I’m trying to say is, there are things we wish we could find the right person to tell (we may never find that ‘right’ person, lol), and there are things we wish we could ‘resolve’…like some inner conflicts, battles, past experiences, and what have we.

Oh! one thing that’s certain is, we all fight battles; doesn’t matter if we agree or not. In fact, most people nowadays see life as a battle of some sorts. So next time you see someone and feel like being a high judge, pause a minute and realize, I may be fighting some battles but some have lots of battles to fight more than I do. Yeah, at least I’ve come to realize that on a whole new illuminating level.

There are times we just feel like losing ourselves in this battle or struggle, but damn! that’d suck…so we gotta stay strong and keep fighting, holding on to our essence else we become husks. Winning at times hinges on letting go – bitterness, hurt, hatred, secrecy (depends, lol), and most importantly, being honest with self which has nothing with being honest to others, though a case may be built against that – humans are a complicated piece of art, dynamicity is an understatement. More often than not, we lie to ourselves on subconscious levels…well, in some cases it can be positive…on the whole, it isn’t; digging deep and unearthing our ‘self’ helps in overcoming quite a number of struggles…although most times, we are scared to go real deep. Or maybe I should say I am scared, scared of what I would find, and stubborn to change what I may find, so I stay in my built cocoon and hibernate. Does that help, nahhhh.

If only there were mind readers like Vulcans, and I don’t mean shrinks, it’d be embarrassing, hahahe…there are so many masks we put on, masks, all masks. People trying to show happiness without being really happy, trying to show off success with no substantial success in their pockets, and so on. All masks. If only we could all go inside out and be true to our selves, would the world be better off? Maybe not.


2 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. Yes. Everyone has history of some sort. And this history propels their acts. So you can never tell what’s going through someone’s mind when they’re yelling for no/little reason or smiling at the tiniest reason.
    That’s why it helps to be open minded and make conscious efforts to be less judgemental of others

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