flower-rails, moonlitWell, such a romantic title*scoffs* …against my will my fingers and heart want to write, every other part of me just wants to lie down and keep drawing up silly scenarios in my head. Anyway, here I am. What does my finger want to write about this night? LOVE. Yep, love. It’s gonna be a silly rollercoaster ride, hold on tight.

Often times we wonder about love, the stress of it, the fun, the ugliness and the beauty…is it really worth it? Well, yeah, it is; it’s a no-brainer really. Oh wait! Before I opened my computer, I was rolling in my head how I use the words ‘love’ and ‘luv’ [don’t ask, but I do use them in different situations differently], then I pondered if LOVE hasn’t been trivialized, because ‘mostly’ [note I said mostly], you don’t see people changing the word ‘hate’, it usually always is ‘I hate you’. You follow my thoughts? But then I realized again, love isn’t what so many people make it out to be. That’s just me and by the way.

The ways we all can relate to love are so numerous, like we could have nearly the same or similar experiences but not quite the same because no matter the similarities two different relationships can never quite be the same because we have two different individuals with different backgrounds and characters, even if the background and character were to be the same – well, the gene will never ever be, that is we are all unique no matter the similar attributes displayed. So comparing is all just so silly and pointless many a times. #learn

Love does a lot of things to people, and people go through a lot of things for love. I mean, we all could say some dumb shit we did all in the name of love or terrible things we’ve been through.  Wait a minute though, love ain’t cruel or wicked, people are. #digestthat

There’s something I’ve kind of held on to, silly me, and it’s a line from a movie, “being there for someone is all relationships are all about”. Relationship in this sense could be friendship, romantic, family, acquaintances, etc. [cut] In love, we tend to give excuses for partners, some genuine, others a time-bomb waiting to explode – now as in Drake’s line [find your love]– “the worst thing about crossing a line is when you don’t know you already have”. Where does the excuses stop?! Love? #imaginarychuckle

Let’s face the fact, people love for so many reasons, but they either love you, and you them, and damn show it or y’all don’t…there isn’t no in-between or a safety catch, dive all the way in or stay the hell out.  Some love because friends, family, and the likes, told them to, well different strokes for different folks, yeah? For real yo, making a decision by oneself is still in my opinion the best, makes it easier to take responsibility, although taking an advice and acting on it also makes one responsible for any eventual outcome. I mean, if I see my pal losing [what I feel to be] a great opportunity or jumping or clinging onto a wrong love-wagon, I’d sure speak out, it’ always about the individual and want they want. So don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t take advices, just be sure to follow your heart (that in itself is a great loophole). It’s always about US.

Loving is a risk [depends on the perspective though], life itself is a risky venture, but then on a night like this, I wonder, if we don’t take love-chances, [lemme rephrase] if I don’t take those chances [reasonable ones though], does it become a great story lost or simply a story that should never have appeared. Whether a prophet saw a vision or ‘God spoke to us’ or ‘we just connected’, truth is, until the love-reel is all played out, we just will never know, until then we just have to ‘risk it’ and hope we get the biscuit.  #think’boutit

P.S.: It’s all kinda disjointed I know, but hey! my fingers colluded with my heart, because I didn’t really want to write. But a cord in my heart just kept on plunking due to something being debated by my jury-system at the moment, so hopefully I can sleep now, even though the sneaky lil’ things ain’t satisfied yet. And hopefully, someone, just someone can pick up something intelligent from therein. #sighs



  1. People get tired of me leaving epistles on their comment sections all in the name of speaking out my mind on love. So I’ll just spare your eyes the tortue to read nonsense rant from me.

    All I will say is True… love doesn’t mean the love it used to mean. The meaning is now misconstrued into “some feeling”.

    And hey… people write hate as h8… hehe

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