A silver case of WHAT IFS

We wise think we are
When we like bees be
Scurrying around in a gigantic beehive

It’d be in bad taste if I don’t start with a Star Trek input – what if Vulcans and Kligons did really invade earth right now. We can’t stop fighting our selves anyways, so I guess it’s gonna be a bam war. I mean we could have a load of realistic and unrealistic what-ifs, or probable, futuristic, and regret-ish what-ifs. It’s an old movie that inspired this – Letters to Juliet (2010) – and that letter was really inspiring, lol. That’s shabby.

What if I was walking on the road and lightening just struck me, or a load of tomatoes dropped on me from a moving truck?
What if I joined that (book) club and they don’t warm up to me?
What if I acted like myself and he doesn’t like me (and vice versa)?
What if I left home and just disappeared?
What if aliens invaded earth…damn…would they really be nice greenies?
What if I cheated a bit, would it mean anything?
What if I’m crazy and everyone else thinks I’m sane?

Oh! what if I hadn’t married him or her? (nowadays that seems to be prevalent)

What if I was peeing, wanted to peep at some lovebirds through the window and peed all over the WC. Haha. I just had to write that, quite irrelevant. 🙂

Lol. The list of what-ifs, especially ridiculous ones go on and on. Don’t get me wrong, there are decision making and really serious what-ifs. I bet we’ve all had some what-ifs, or will do in the future…there’s just no predicting what-ifs even when we have the best of intentions at times. I mean, I do have a what-if – what if I had taken the position with the budding magazine which has now bloomed…now what was my thinking then? Was it pride, disinterestedness, felt it had no future, blah blah…that’s what what-ifs can do.

What if you showed more love? Yes you!! I mean love that doesn’t expect anything in return…would the world be a better place or still as messed up as it is? Love. Life. …life is mainly chances and opportunities being taken and pursued…we could plan all we like, works for some…life’s unpredictable, but we adjust and roll with the yaws it brings, adjusting our sails according,  although we might encounter some what-if icebergs.

Thing is, some opportunities only come once, some do come around twice, maybe in a better way or relatively same way…we all gotta learn to make the right decisions at the right time (seems hard)…that new job you love, keep loving it diligently, that new girl or dude you like or love and reciprocates – don’t trifle with it. Take chances, fly outta that shell…doesn’t necessarily bins the silver case of what-ifs, but beats doing nothing or doing something to mess things up (whatever ‘thing’ may be).

Life they say doesn’t come with a manual – tho’ the bible is sure a great one, I mean just read the book of proverbs alone – but that shouldn’t make us accumulate a life of regret filled what-ifs, and even if we do, there’s always the chance to probably forge a new golden case of happiness…there are (mostly) always other workable choices (in this situation, that is). So let’s take chances, I mean you gotta risk it to get the biscuit yeah?, but also diligently and intelligently try to figure things out, throw in some luck, faith, and God [for those who believe in him], the silver cases of what-ifs we accumulate (if we do) might be all that bad.

What if I could just take control of all your minds and make you me…that’d just be silly!!!

   “…we determine who we are by what we do.” _HA47


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