Friendship is Everything


Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than government. It is almost the equal of family. Never forget that.” _Mario Puzo: The Godfather

I was supposed to have written this way before now…but hey! Valentine’s eve ain’t bad yeah? Well, there’s this belle I really like, she’s like the ‘subspace transporter’ of my heart, literally energizing me to worlds unknown (haha, goofing around – it’s Valentine yo!), but ermmm…#coolstory…bottom-line is, I ain’t taking anyone out, although I might decide to just take our dogs out – Lady Rotella and Lady Lexy…like literally, out of their cages…lolzzz.

I didn’t type the above, wasn’t me. Friendship, a friend of mine, a long-time friend – 12/13 years and counting just called me up after a long while, we chatted on the social networks, but didn’t phone each other, lol, he inspired this. No matter what anyone says, we all needs friends – not the fake-ass friend who tells you “you look fabulous”, when in fact you looking like some ogre – a friend who tells you what you don’t wanna hear in a way that just wanna make you kick yet hug them…yeah, that’s a friend, at least in my own opinion. Did I divert? Okay, so we need friends – for advice, companionship, silliness, fun, cry-pillow, etc…

So my friend, Senator, calls me up and says “I woke up this morning just wondering about life and friends”, and we had a good jolly talk. So, I’m gonna Val all my friends by giving them a shout-out and saying “I appreciate you guys, you try a lot – coping with my silliness!” Mehn, I can’t name you all, and don’t want anyone to feel left out – hmmph! if they’re reading my blog sef…lazy asses…but gotta holla my homeboiz – [Reterio] Jaska (Scott), Automaton (Spock), and I’m Kirk, btw…#tongueout…Senator, Koonmie, Saga, Tossy makky, Toksjazz, …*phew*, gotta stop…and all the lovely ladies – Yewwie and Yewwie might freak out if I don’t mention their names, haha…and of course, Nice hawk – the Belle, and Lollipop (don’t tell her)… wishing you guys a lovely Valentine’s day!!!

Hey! When last did you tell your friends you cherish ‘em? #ass #feelingcool haha


P.S: shoot me, I nearly forgot someone important, YOU!!! I mean you reading this…yeah, I love you guys for reading my blog, you the best!!! Happy Valentine, just for YOU!


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