A Reminder About Brevity

lucky throw[Soliloquy] So my brother felt it was cool to just walk into my room and open my windows, ‘cos according to him, my room is stuffy and stifling…like chill, I ain’t complaining, and it’s my room, yeah??!!!…#family #annoying #smiles

That was just by the way, here goes.

A new year? Definitely doesn’t feel like one again. Read a joke somewhere: “Okay, dear 2016, January was just a test-run, can the new year now begin in February?” #funny I’m indifferent, but I bet many people might feel that way. That’s life. 🙂 The euphoria of the new year’s vanished, and now it seems the burden of 2015 have encroached or is trying and pushing really hard to. 🙂 Really, it’s still relatively new with lots of opportunities and decisions ahead.

True, we’ve already had our ups and downs, at least some of us. Two Sundays ago was a really nasty, close-to-embarrassing day for me, in retrospect, kinda comic #notsharing… What really inspired this post happened to a senior colleague a few years back, though I just heard the story recently, and it just, you know, makes one wonder – about life.

Here’s the really short and sad story: The younger brother woke up by 4.00am, had his bath and dressed up but set his alarm to wake up by 5.00am. At 5.00am, the alarm started to ring and the elder brother tried to wake him up…and…just like that…he’s gone. Died. Dead. Forever. How does one handle that? Well, the elder brother became an atheist for a long time, but that’s not the issue here, it’s LIFE and BREVITY – a dice roll.

Mandy_985516Stories like that abound, at least contextually, but most times, hearing them gives one a jolt and reminds one of the flimsiness of some things we crave or do and strive for. Some days back, a close friend of mine used this graphics which says: “Enjoy every moment of the journey, and appreciate where you are at this moment, instead of always focusing on how far you need to go.” Now with scrutiny, I was like: some people find it easier to say that than others…blah blah. But the truth is, the quote says it all, and what I said does not negate its wisdom. Ermm, neither makes me stupid. #grins

Most often, we forget to appreciate where we are and what we have, focusing instead on aims, needs, irrelevancies, pains, and the likes, we are human, yeah…but being able to breathe itself, each second, every day, we often forget it’s a miracle. Life is like electricity in Nigeria, it just goes ‘poof’ :-), funny thing is, we appreciate when we have the power supply…so why don’t we appreciate and enjoy the moments [bad and good] we have before our life goes poof?

I learnt the hard way in telling peeps how much they mean to me, especially saying it more often, but now I ain’t waiting till they’re gone and then I wish, ain’t like we want anyone to die, but let’s be realistic, will we? Have lovely moments with people, even if it’s gonna involve slaps and punches for saying something endearing, lol. Life is just a poofer. #grins


3 thoughts on “A Reminder About Brevity

    1. Oluchee, took me a while, so I’ll just goof
      My dog said woof – I smiled
      Powder said poof – I said “fair enough”
      Mary Jane said puff – I shook my head
      Life said poof – We keep on hustling
      And somehow I wanna add puff-puff if you’d eat! 😀 #whacked

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