She Woke Up to Read

It was a cold windy night and the moon shone its silvery essence on all within her reach as the harmattan continued its dusty reign. Anita who had gone to bed early due to a budding catarrh woke up from a funny bad dream, and sleepily said some prayers. She was on the verge on going back to sleep when she remembered the research materials she was supposed to have read earlier that day.

“Procrastination sucks,” she thought, “that’d be a new year resolution again.”

So up she jumped to ravage the fridge for some mid-night snacks.

“Arrrgghhhh”, she muttered.

There was nothing to be ravaged, so she grudgingly took some oranges.

“What kind of a house is this?” she asked the oranges, “one’s supposed to have munchables every darn time!”

Back in her tiny bedroom, she ate the four oranges heartily.

“Actually good in this weather”, she consoled herself.

Then instead of reading what she wanted and was supposed to, she went on to space out thinking about the world – poor kids who didn’t have a decent room like hers due to one reason or the other, adults who suffered the cold and hardship to provide for their kids, children who suffered abuse daily, and as always about her future, her fears really – was she going to end up doing something she loved, would she end up marrying the right partner, would she be able to attain great heights like she always dreamed or would she just be a forgotten piece in the puzzle called life.

This went on for minutes, maybe hours, with feet in socks, thighs drawn to her chest in a sitting position, she sat. Sat and thought.

Then at last, she aroused herself.

“Anita!!!”, she inwardly screamed.

“I woke up to read, not ermmmm lose sleep”, she muttered.

She then with purpose opened her bejeweled laptop, settled down to read, opened the relevant genetic manipulation documents and scanned through trying to pick a material to read.

Thinking about how annoying the research area was, the lights went out.

Yeah, electricity took a trip to electrivillage. And there Anita was, wondering whether to continue reading using the laptop battery or go back to sleep.

She yawned wide and shook her head slowly.

“Oh Anita, thou art lazy y’know”, she said to herself.

“Yeah, I know”, she replied.

Then she chuckled as she remembered her friend, Jimmy, who had all day motivated her to get the reading sorted out so she could get her assignment done asap.

“There goes my ice-cream, he’s just gonna have to skin me I suppose”, she grinned.

She looked at the laptop screen, read a few lines and shook her head long and slow.

“Bed wins pal”, she muttered.

Outside, the moon continued her knowing silvery smile.



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