Funny Quirks

Out_Of_Place__by_Dead_AntFirst, I really do envy people who live in developed countries with constant electricity supply. Why? I have become addicted to typing my ideas directly on a laptop or device instead of writing them on a sheet of paper, so when these devices go off due to lack of electricity and I’m brimming with ideas jumping around in my head in a frenzy and there’s no way to put them down, it gets annoying because they like phantoms have ways of slipping away. Of course, there some basic ideas one can write down when it comes to a project or work idea or something, but when it comes to the creative whirlpool, sighs.

So I was happy when while this idea was cruising at an ultra-high speed in my head, PHCN (– Power Holding Company, should have been named “Power Giving Company”, hmph!!!) decided to release their tight hold on power – the idea of funny popping quirks. I do seem to develop certain quirks at uncertain times which leave me bemused. Probably safe to assert that a lot of people do have their own quirks, it doesn’t have to be consistent, some just pop up randomly. Anyway, what bemused me today was a ‘spoon’, I mean a normal eating steel spoon. I was about to wash the spoon to eat my steaming hot rice, when my mind suddenly flashed to the mouth of my brother who used the spoon last, and even after I had washed the spoon I was still left squirming…I was in my room still cleaning this spoon with the closest available material to me, don’t ask me what that was, and started laughing at myself. I mean, it just happens (with various objects) like damn, how many peeps have used this thing?! Don’t get me wrong, not like my brother’s mouth stinks, just one of those days, lol. 🙂 Then I continued grinning remembering some other quirks like wearing socks all day and night (actually became more of an habit after I stayed in the dusty & sandy Northern Nigeria), and then I still have this quirk of putting on my head-warmer (indoors) regardless of the weather. Should I say I’m caring? Maybe not, anyway, some lil’ lizards found a way inside the net of my room, and I just didn’t know what to do with ’em, I certainly wasn’t in the killing mood though (I do kill chickens and turkeys, man gotta chow – sue me) and attempts to guide them out without scattering them all over my room failed, so they kept having fun in my room till dad objected and swoosh, they got the death-juice, well, love of animals yeah? don’t ask me what if it had been a snake tho’.

Here’s another one, recently, I had the sudden silly quirk to sketch, I wanted to do something special for some spirited Hawk, damn, I was highly inspired – ideas and all…so I got me a plain sheet and put my pencil on it, and, well, I was left bemused when the pencil seemed like a strange entity in my fingers, it had been ages I sketched or painted anything and while the art don in me was still feeling and always felt like a king, reality deflated the balloon-crown real fast, in like 30 secs :-(, so emasculating, haha…hey! abstract designs still work for me tho’. 🙂 Guess I should just stick to writing lyrics, poems, and stories, singing and acting of course. Been a while I paid attention to this, but I do have this special quirk of shaking my legs right before sleeping and immediately I wake up – although I’m always pissed if someone assumes because of that I’m ‘awake’ and disturbs me – anyway, peeps gave me a lot of stick for that – like “guy, stop shaking your legs, you wanna run a marathon in your sleep?!” While this might not be a quirk per se, it’s a tickler, people do it to me too, so I approach random people with prints on their t-shirts like: “girls rule the world”, and I’ll be like “that’s a big lie y’know”, grin and walk away, like that ain’t no pick up line yo, remember telling a dude I liked his shirt #nohomo, he just looked at me like I just smoked some dope stick, lol…I just grinned and went my way. That’s how I roll at times, sometimes fun, sometimes awkward!! These are the quirks I can readily remember right now…and they do just crop up randomly like fireflies. *chuckles*

We all (I think) have some quirks (some have become habits), yeah? Wanna share?


2 thoughts on “Funny Quirks

  1. one time i was obsessed over the thought of where water actually comes from. the wells dug up, the boreholes, where the water have been pumped from the rivers/oceans where generations of fish swam releasing sperm, and a while later we drink it!!!!

    naive mind dear Lord!


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