surfingmanSorry it took some time, had to do some travelling and reading. But hey! it’s part two of some behaviours to cultivate for a happiness-cocoon. 🙂 Frankly, there ain’t no fast and hard rules, but trust me, these behaviours sure help, you just gotta adapt them to your personality. Ideally, everyone deserves happiness, yeah everyone – not to the sadness of another though. Question is can everyone be happy realistically? Anyway! Here goes!

Eating fresh stuffs

There’s this feel-good feeling one gets when one eats fresh stuffs – vegetables, fish, fruits – as compared with all the junks that just seems to fill and weigh one down. Eating fresh fruits for me is just bliss – like some weeks back I was craving badly bananas, yeah bananas…should have said going bananas for bananas, haha, and I never seemed to have the time to get ’em until someone came to my rescue, oh my! the bliss and contentment of biting into those soft and yummy things, lol. Just the memory alone is making me happy *smiles*. I remember my first burger, the cabbage made all the difference!!! There’s way too much chemicals in our so-called modern day meals, we don’t have to wonder about the prevalence of cancer peeps – chemicals, simple! Well, wanna be happy, bite into that fresh apple, pine-apple, pear…in fact, go ahead and make a juice or cocktail…chill it and with a cute smile on you, drink up!!! And if you sceptical, it’s been scientifically proven fresh vegetables and fruits have a positive correlation with happiness. Don’t dull!!! *grins*

Getting some exercise

First, I’ve always been a lover of exercise. From athletics when I was younger to taekwondo, skipping, push-ups, and so on, lol…I’ve always loved getting some exercise – a big advocate really. Okay, here’s the thing, when I feel down, heavy, and the negative all, getting some minutes of exercise usually improves the mood. I mean, I might not get all excited and be grinning like a puppy that just sighted some milk, but I do feel better and that’s a step towards being happy right? I found out when I exercise and I’m fit, there’s this confidence and extra bounce in my steps, and I bet a lot of y’all can attest to this. So why stop the exercises? Time factor? Yeah, that does happen, but it boils down to what you want and planning…exercises are adaptable, find one that can fit easily into your schedule or one that allows you to multi-task. Lots of obese people are unhappy, figure that out. EXERCISE!!

Buying experiences

Ladies, that new diamond or phone might seem to make you happy? But it’s not really that, it’s the show of ‘love’ or ‘affection’ that brings the most happiness. It could as well have been a sapphire or emerald, just knowing he cares and went to lengths to get you that I feel inspires the most happiness. Hey! diamonds do make people happy! Alright, that aside, phones get outdated, dresses go out of style, houses depreciate, BUT experiences that bring happiness can never ever be forgotten, I can still remember lots of experiences that brought happiness, not necessarily an ‘object’…experiences like excursions to the zoo, waterfall, mountains and the likes. Money doesn’t bring happiness, spending it right does. Experiential purchases beats material purchases by a really big margin, so you think you spending that money right? Think twice, maybe that’s why you still have a gaping hole deep inside you #justsaying. Fancy floors and walls and clothes will become a ‘routine’ consciousness that inspires nothing more than a passing acknowledgement over time, but trips to safaris, resorts, beaches and the fun…will most likely forever stick to the heart and bring smiles. And hey! don’t forget to take pictures!!! 🙂So spend your money right, spend your time right, spend your money and time right on the right people and create happy memories that bring happiness.

Helping people

Alright, I didn’t see this in the article that inspired this post, but I feel it’s actually a part of us that we’ve allowed to die. Everyone is so self-centred and selfish. Of course, we are allowed to be selfish once in a while, but when last did you help someone (without expecting a reward), when last did you put a smile on someone’s dull face? So many people just need someone to make them smile for their day to be complete, and yet, we all rushing around like ants – even ants do better than us – like bats maybe, ignoring the pain of our fellow human beings. A man cannot be an island, happiness most often is contagious, like you seeing someone happy, bubbly, and grinning, just makes you wanna smile…unless you fighting the person or jealous anyway. Like there’s this cute young princess called Bubblecheeks, and seeing her smile just makes me smile even when I wanna be mad at her. Okay, that’s besides the point kinda, lol; I sure get a lift when I help people in need, give it a try, might just work for you too.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, be sure to share with friends and family! This is Geekyknight saying “don’t worry (doesn’t solve a thang!), be happy!”


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