No one predicted



No one predicted

Looking back in my life
Realising how far I’ve gone
Comparing the person now
With the person back then
Two completely persons
Yet the same

There’s no denying
Deep within
Always knew the world
Will know who I am
Wasn’t predicted in this form
I was young and these thoughts
Were more egotistical
Than reality

Now I’ve grown older
The opportunity is there
If it was still my desire
To make a difference in the world
All is needed now
Is for me to reach up
And take the opportunity
It’s no longer a child’s dream
Being real as it can get

There’s always a catch
I am in a position
That’s able to reach
Countless others whom are needs help
A chance to really make a difference
That much is true
Yet hesitations haunting
Doubts invading once again
Doubting my strength
To be able to handle

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