What makes up Art?

Promised a sweet friend I was going to write on art, so this is me spawning some artistic thoughts on art. But before I go on, let me take permission from Asa’ to reproduce the part of conversation that led to the conception of this wride. Now the conversation started with a talk about an adaptation she made to her sister’s poem, and then…

Asa’: She’s like my boss in that (in reference to the poem)

Geekyknight: Hmph! There are no bosses, every art is an art. And that in itself is enough.

Asa’: Hmm, #deep…but I think some certain art supersede others, maybe not in writing anyway.

Geekyknight: “supersedes” is all about taste, prejudices, politics, and other factors…(was trying to remember an early Nigerian author who transliterated a book but couldn’t – poorly written but celebrated) if you read some of Soyinka’s work, it’s [technically] jargon (elevated English my ass), the fact that no one or a few understands you doesn’t mean you’re an artist. …am just saying art is art (“supersede” is just bias [based on the opinion of someone]. Of course, don’t get me wrong, there are ‘bad art’.

[End of conversation]

Now it seems like I contradicted myself when I said there are ‘bad art’. There is no ‘bad art’ I boldly assert. Seeing someone as a ‘boss’ or better artist is only because of some rules imposed by the society (and some people who then hand over this ‘perfect’ idea to others, blah blah…) and other socio-political factors. In other circumstances, one art which was considered trashy before could actually become celebrated. I mean, what’s the difference between an ‘abstract art’ and the squiggles of a baby? Age, I’d say. An adult might actually ‘squiggle’ and interpret it as some idealistic and elevated concept, and of course, that ‘squiggle’ might go for thousands of quids. At this juncture, as asserted earlier, there are no bad art, just ‘suppressed art’. Making a reference to anti-foundationalist belief [Jacques Derrida] can also enhance this assertion, …local standards often serving the interests of the status quo…(paraphrase).

What is art exactly? Let’s have this quote: “You can find pictures anywhere. It is simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them. You just have to care about what is around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy.” – Elliott Erwitt.

I’d like to take some excerpts I enjoyed from Mario Puzo. And these juxtapose film-making and book writing as art.

“But with film everything was possible without talent, without any gift. You could get a really rich prick making the story of his life, and without the help of a great director, great writer, great star, etc., etc., just with the magic of film make himself a hero. The great future of film for all these people was that it could work with no talent, which didn’t mean that talent could not make it better.” – Fools Die

“There was no doubt about it, people who pursued money rather than art had longer careers, got more pleasure in life, were much better and more socially valuable people than those artists who tried to show the divine spark in human beings. Too bad you couldn’t make a movie about that. That money was more healing than art and love.” – The Last Don

The above two are just some of the excerpts I found intriguing in those books which talks about art kinda. And am pissed the art of movie-making is killing the art of reading and writing in our contemporary society. And while I believe books touch the soul on a deeper level, movies or films are mostly just a mirror of a camouflaged society which appeals to the superficial and shows what will sell or bring in money – mostly entertainment. Seasonal films?? Jeez!!! Yeah, I’m biased. Lol.

Life is art. Loving is an art. Speaking is an art. Painting is an art. Singing is an art. Writing is an art. Film-making is an art. Conning is an art. Killing is an art. I could go on and on and art myself. And they can all be intertwined.

[Soliloquy] Democracy is an art of governance, and it doesn’t Abstract 2necessarily suit every one, I mean, in Nigeria for instance, we have more of ‘democrazy’ [demonstration of craziness – on the part of leaders and people] which of course is an art too, so maybe we need an art of ‘tight democracy’. Just saying.

Now the question arises, does it mean anyone can be an artist or produce [genuine] art? of course, we are all artists, we all can express ourselves one way or the other, I mean even silence is an art which can be studied and appreciated. Now can anyone just produce anything and expect it to be accepted? Of course not, but with the right audience it just might. And it doesn’t mean we are allowed to just express something shoddy, but if we give the ‘art’ our heart [the point of being an artist is to move to a deeper and higher level of understanding, a soulic and spiritual elevation], who is to say “it ain’t good enough.”? The point is don’t be scared, don’t be intimidated, who says your work ain’t perfect, now by the way, I’m talking about the major arts of writing and drawing/painting [you’re allowed to apply it to whatever you want though], express yourself and get better in your expression or don’t express and regress…one of my favourite quotes is: Expression is the spice of life, EXPLODE!!!

Not everyone will agree with the above artistic spin, but you don’t all have to agree – this is my ART!!! And I sure got some that will love it.


3 thoughts on “What makes up Art?

  1. love this!…give the heart your heart and it will be appreciated by those who are meant to appreciate it. :-)…I’m sure you must have convinced Asa’ with this…well done 🙂


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