The Snake Lord

water-boa-coiledI woke up with a thumbing heartbeat, threw off my cover-clothes and rushed to my laptop; for I had slept and a dream had I, and I like some dream clerk knew I had to document it.

It was a dream about the snake lord…and this is a real dream albeit the names were invented by me. Let’s have some dream interpreter interpret this.

The Snake Lord lived in a humongous dark cave, his aged eyes observing times and tides in the stars and crystal balls. He slithered with a wise cunning age-tempered eyes and unrushed royal poise. His men worked for him with deep reverence and prepared for what was to come – the recruitment of new soldiers, an occurrence which happened only once a century.

Sephag and Anabux, two of the most trusted comrades of Snake Lord, had only one duty, to recruit two of the sharpest minds of ages to come, Buetin and Jasper. Sephag was a battle tactician, and Anabux, nicknamed the raven for her flying skills and keen eyesight, was his apprentice.

Buetin was an extremely intelligent, bookish and quiet boy who had lost his father to a freak accident while he was young, his mother adored him and he, her in return. Jasper, son of Prince Gargwen, on the other hand, was skilled with his hands, with crude tools, he would fashion awesome machineries, even at a very young age. Oh! the Snake Lord always wanted the very best.

And I, the sky-dweller, watched and observed from lofty heights.

Buetin was supposed to go out with his friends and he was waiting with Berabel for her twin Haunert, who had a pechant for absolute cleanliness when going out, to get out of the shower. Then he bent over the oak table as a contract parchment started to take form from a swirling mist and a quill appeared beside it, the words he could not read, but the quill he picked, Berabel’s voice a distant hum in his ears. Suddenly, Berabel’s ear-splitting shrill aroused him from his trance while Haunert rushing hurriedly out of the bathroom and gaped at him in disbelief. It seemed that while trying to analyze this incredulous contract which his hands were itching to sign, he had cut himself badly across the torso with the quill tip and blood was dripping. Buetin turned in his bed and moaned slightly, clinging to his stuffed dragon toy. Seems he escaped, scratched of course, a disastrous transaction. [Beats me, a dream in a dream.]

Jasper, leaving his special workshop in the heart of his father’s company decided to get some rest in his room and took the elevator, immediately he stepped on though, he knew his life would change, waiting for him in masks were Sephag and Anabux. They took off their masks grabbed him and rode to the very top, being chased by the company securities, Sephag took them on, while Anabux jumped from the skyscraper with flapping wings and flew away with Jasper.

The Children were each welcomed by the Snake Lord who slid close to them with his wise penetrating eyes enveloping them in an aura so ancient and overwhelming. After which they were kept in a room which had a tap and the water dripped ‘tip tup tap’.

And still, I from my celestial position watched.

While the whole thing intrigued Jasper, he treasured his freedom and wanted to escape back to his father. And so, he kept looking for weaknesses as they were unguarded anyways. At last he found one, the water supply dropped into the other world, he figured out. He immediately gathered the other children and they traced the pipe down to a large circular water well at the extreme end of the cave. Alas, it had an extraordinarily heavy lid. But while they were waiting in contemplation and half-despair strolled in this little frail-looking boy who walked by and without much thought lifted the lid, discarding it and strolling on. Immediately, the alarm sounded, the guards led by the screaming Snake Lord rushed towards the children, and the children with no other need for motivation hurtled into the waters followed closely by the booming Snake Lord who hurtled after them. I have the inclination they escaped.

And I awoke from my slumber…

Maybe it has some message, or maybe I just was in no-man’s land…the warpiness of dreams. Who knows.


3 thoughts on “The Snake Lord

  1. wow did you actually dream of this?…seemed like an ancient tale (or movie haha)…awesome. So conventional of dreams not to end *sigh*, I hope they escaped too 🙂


  2. wow did you actually dream of this?…seems like an ancient tale (or movie haha)…awesome. So conventional of dreams not to end *sigh*, I hope they escaped too 🙂


  3. Me lady, I didst actually dream of this…though the names were invented by me, inspired by classical novels and movies I guess :-)…yeah, you’re so right, the end is nearly always fuzzy…hopefully they did! *a bow*


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