When is it time to let go?

Let's talk about the L word!

“Girl and river” by David Dubnitskiy. Check him out at 500px.com

From the very first moment we fall in love with someone, we start picturing how it will be like to live with them. Our brain works that way, we wonder and attempt to predict and anticipate what may and may not happen. Five years from now where will I be? Married and father of two beautiful girls or alone and happy with whatever I’ve accomplished in life so far. That’s an uncertainty we struggle with as we always keep trying to find answers. We want to be in control, but with time, maturity and experience we learn that we cannot define what is still to come.

But let’s talk about the present, this exact moment. Where are you right now? Do you like being where you are or do you find yourself frustrated because this isn’t what you had in mind?

In terms…

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