Cheese Chasing

Most people run around in circles like tail-less rats with no bearing. What’s life really? I mean, this is one question most people keeping asking themselves till the cold hard ground claims all. Alright, I’ve always said life is about fulfilment, and I still stand by that. But at times, “fulfilment” itself seems a fuzzy talk at best, like I said – at times. At times, we get stuck, hell yeah, I feel so stuck, lol…like I’m stuck on some fantasy island sketching some fuzzy gigantic fulfilment ship in the sand to sail over the Seas. Hey! not like I’m not grounded in reality though, just that like in philosophy, am I really awake when I’m asleep, and asleep when I’m awake (paraphrasing). I watch movies, and read novels…dumb and cool ones [no offence to ’em actors and writers, at least they doing something with life] and well it could be fun – the juxtaposition of good and evil…seems we have lotta ‘evil’ movies rolling today though, guess we’re in the evil age. Although, good seems to always win, which in reality is ermmmm mostly a lie. Okay, I digress.

So what the heck are we chasing? People trying to get the hell out of shit-holes, traveling half the globe in search of ‘greener pastures’, ‘hustling’ all life-long, with no time for relaxation and fun [mostly], though each individual has their definition of “fun”. At times I just wonder, we’re like Pinocchio that wants to be human [in this case, humans that want to have fun], yet we are mostly caught up in factory-line of routine productions, running up and down mostly without an inkling of what we want (and if we manage to know that), only the blessed (spiritual guidance), lucky (stumbled unto it) or the brave (fight tooth and nails) manage to actually get what they want, some don’t even know they have what they want already, such is life. Mostly, we get caught up in what people want, what the society wants, what the world wants…and at times, that’s a long road that’s hard to back-track from. Quoting Mark Twain: “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” If we are born to be cheese chasers then so be it. 🙂

So are we rats chasing the cheese? Or just miserable rats caught in a frozen cheese maze? greenfield.rat-in-mazeIs there really a cheese or are we just deluded into thinking there’s a cheese? Or it’s just one man’s cheese is another’s shit-pile.

Some lucky rats are surrounded by cheese, some rats through dedicated chasing of the cheese get to later be chased by the cheese. But let’s hope we all get to get the cheese we desire, there are so many ways [hook, fight, crook, stumble, gamble] to get the cheese, and none can be said to be more perfect over the other. So to chasing the [mostly elusive] inexhaustible mountain cheese, everybody say CHEESE!!!

Just kinda thinking, we artists, we sketch, we draw, we paint…shade, erase, put some perspective…but our canvas is the world and the artwork ourselves…we sketch, draw, paint our lives…every action or inaction an addition to our protraction…the people we meet and associate with, our choices, our ART. We are artists and our life is our greatest artwork. – Oderinde James

PS: To my GKWF – a nice hawk, an inspiration, a big cheery cheese hanging in my world *chuckles*. Thanks! 😀


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