Tiny Fish in a Big Ocean (Part 2)

Steven woke up to find himself naked asides his old briefs and black singlet, everywhere was quiet and the room he was in smelled musty and damp. He heard two male voices speaking in pidgin English, a husky one was saying, “Baba, I no hit him that hard na”, while the other retorted, “so why he never wake up? If he die na you go dispose the body o!”

It took him several minutes to remember the proceedings of the day, snap open his eyes and jump up or tried to anyway. His legs were tightly bound and he realized his mouth was stuffed too.

“Ah ah!”, his kidnapper exclaimed, “I told you na, na small I hit am walahi”.

The other man who was in the room with them sullenly asked him in proper English, “how do you feel boy? Don’t be afraid alright? We ain’t ritual killers, relax.”

Naturally, Steven just looked on like a zombie, so many things were running through his mind like zipping electrons. “Who are they? What are they going to do with me? Who is going to try find me?” were amongst the many questions running through his mind. He wondered if this was karma catching up to him, as he had, despite being a brilliant student, had so many uncountable escapades with ladies, the Shades, Kemis, Chinwes, Sharons, and Aishas of his life, whom he had coldly broken their hearts. He remembered especially, Adejoke, the lady he had met when he had gone for his NYSC in a remote settlement in Ogun state, the passionate lovemaking after promising her he was madly in love with her and would marry her, he remembered vividly the broken look on her face when he bluntly rejected her when she told him she was pregnant a lovely moonlit evening. In fact, he had been so angry he beat the pregnancy out of her and she vehemently cursed him. And did Steven remember the curse? Oh yes! It rang clearly in his head – “Your life shall be filled with misery and pain. Ah! You treated me, Adejoke, this way, I curse you! I curse you!”, she had screamed and left without looking back while he had shrugged his shoulders and sighed at the lucky escape.

He was still musing about his life and dead parents when the well-spoken man jolted him by dumping some mushy meal in a broken dirty calabash in front of him. With a menacing face he said, “am going to remove the stuffing in your mouth, you are in a forest and no one can rescue you, but if you make any noise and disturb me ehn, I’ll make your life a living hell, you understand? Steven nodded. Out came the cloth, and immediately he said low tones, “I’m not shouting sir, but where am I, and why me sir, I didn’t do anything sir.” The man brusquely said in pidgin, “sir? Which kain sir? I be snake-eyes, you understand so? As for your questions una go know in due time, abeg eat jare, I wan go sleep.”

Steven eyed the meal dubiously like a drug-addict eyeing a poorly mixed drug, “I’m not hungry”, he said. The man called snake-eyes who had been humming before, stopped suddenly, and in dark tones asked, “you said what? You had better eat before I call Irin to come deal with you.”

“So that is the name of my kidnapper, Irin, yoruba for Iron”, mused Steven. He ate.

Meanwhile, Steven’s pal in the house he lived noted Steven wasn’t back and his phone was switched off, but he smiled and muttered in pidgin, “kai! Steven don go sleep for another babe house after he just told me he broke up with Tayo, hmmmm, baddest boy.” Also, his friend who had called him minutes before his kidnap tried reaching him again several times, but he couldn’t, so he felt thanks to the erratic power supply, probably his battery was flat. Only if they knew…only if.

Steven woke up the next day feeling drugged; of course he had been drugged. He felt an excruciating pain in his anus and realized his briefs had been discarded on the floor. “Please don’t tell me I’ve been raped”, he started to sob. Snake-eyes came in with a telling smile on his face.

“Hello”, he said, “seems you enjoyed our night together, now go and wash up boy.”

Steven realized his hands and feet were free, but somehow, they seemed to belong to someone else, it was as if he had no control over them. Snake-eyes noticed his sudden realisation and burst into laughter saying, “monkey wey enter trap don enter am be that o.”

After his bath, he was given new clothes, and food to eat. It seemed as if Irin’s services were no longer needed as he was nowhere to be found and to an extent he had some freedom to move about in a body that wasn’t his any longer, and his anus still ached like hell.

“I’ve been a bad Christian”, he thought, “will God save me?”

It was in this state that snake-eyes met him, he said, “Bayo, let me tell you a story”, Steven looked around, “but my name is not Bayo”, he said. Snake-eyes chuckled and said, “from now on your name is Bayo, understand?”, Steven nodded stupidly.

“You see”, continued Snake-eyes, “I’m from the South East, but did not live for long with my parents, when I was 3years old I was dumped in my uncle’s place in Lagos who had no wife and whose kids lived in the UK, and overtime he started to sexually abuse me, well to cut the long story short, when I got to the university I became just like him, well, I kind of knew this wasn’t right in some ways, but I couldn’t help it and enjoyed it, and that started my journey into all kinds of shady businesses. You see, you were looking for a job shey? We are currently looking for one on your behalf so don’t worry okay?”, he chuckled.

“We have computer gurus”, he continued, “who monitor preys like you that put all your lives for show on the internet – facebook, twitter, blogs, and the likes. So we knew you were an orphan and your routes and plans for the day you were kidnapped…of course if the bus hadn’t unfortunately stopped, you would have escaped us, well, maybe for that day or forever, who knows”, he smiled and continued, “so my dear boy that is the end of the story”.

Steven was just speechless, “is this the end of my life he wondered”.

The day went in a daze, and then he felt Snake-eyes on and in him, abusing his body and yet his limbs refused to obey their master.

…story continues…


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