Dark Battles


Well, this ain’t my usual writing, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Though I thought about this before, kinda wrote it in my make-shift diary. But needed to write this to inform myself of some things and realized lots of people are caught up in this web-like war of doing brightly benefiting good of the golden king against crossing to the pleasurable and silently deadly side of the dark queen. The divide between good and evil can be obscure, just like in hate and love or riches and poverty (just the mistake of a split second), especially when the heart isn’t sat on the right pedestal because in us all prowls a deadly monster. This is a poem for every soul out there with a convulsive yin and yang, it is neither a repentance, an ablution, nor confessional; a path whether good or bad needs great courage to either continue doing or stopping and turning back…what I would decide only tomorrow will tell, but here’s a shell-less soul, and with a war cry let’s all jump into…


The demon we was supposed to chase

We did become it without ado

Never was it the intention

Bundles of good wanted to do

But evil finds a sneaky berm base

Like some puff adder upping the engulfing suction

Now it has become a silent rowdy race

A slowly-building momentous blood feast

Of the cunning and pleasure-churning beast

Pitted against the soft streamlined dove

Only if we routinely wouldn’t rove

And allow the demon demolish honorable flights

We was supposed to away flight the shiny globe

Not after it chase like a cack-handed cat in a robe

My heart heavily wonders at this farce

When in our face glints the hidden silvery sigil silently

Wondering when like a glim it would brightly light paths

And behind leave deceptively enchanting baths

Or if the ashes of a dark war will forever frazzle it

And forever in coldness freeze in the pit


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