Turmoil of a Romantic – I, Dude. Part 1

First, decided to change the ticry me a rivertle from ‘turmoil of being in love’ :)*exhales* Can’t even begin to imagine where to start from. ‘Love Love Love’, at times one just feels that feeling shouldn’t exist at all, or there should just be a button to eternally shut it down and not give a f**k (pardon the expression). *chuckles* but gosh! Love remains eternally the axle that keeps the world spinning (of course with the ‘side-kick’ intrigues, bumps, and hitches).

And here comes my punch-line: I posit Love is only love as we interpret it to be in our heart, by this I mean, we can choose to love (for whatever reasons) whoever we wanna love. And by love here, I mean ‘real/true love’, though I strongly dislike that term simply because I posit: love is love, and whatever is not love isn’t. There’s no real/true lust is there? lust is lust. Let’s stop making things complicated. Everyone has their definition of love, might not be the same but they should all have the same foundation. Not sharing my definition tho’ :p

*Aside* I love dogs, but this silly Lexzy gotta disturb me at this time of intense concentration?lol

My apologies, back to the crux of this blog. Let’s start with a young man, actually a romantic, who gets his mind in turmoil just by being in a room with a fanny magnet, when a donkey has sex with a ‘hoe’ in a room of six to seven guys while they are in the room and some are still awake and one of the ‘hoes’ was supposedly a virgin, then I mean, isn’t that enough to make a young romantic recoil in terror? like what the f**k??!!! The first incident, kinda bad-ass from a guy perspective, happened thus,it was a double bed, the young man(a squatter) and a pal were sleeping in the top bunk and Mr. Smooth was busy hitting the G-spot in the lower bunk and the two of ’em sleeping cows above wouldn’t have known if room mates hadn’t blown their head off in the morning about not knowing sh*t was happening below them, *rolls eyes* as if a nigga shouldn’t sleep no more. And if you are wondering, this ain’t concocted, this particular scenario played out in Fajuyi Hall, OAU. And please before all ye inferior schools start to scoff, it sure happens in your school too…so shh!!! and I’d like to believe it’s still happening, even if not exactly like that. I mean, what’s that? That’s love?!!! This generation needs to understand what love and loving is, no kidding. Really, admittedly, girls take a lot of flak for ‘immorality’, well, it may be unfair, but that’s the reality, and whether they like it or not, when it comes to some scenarios (like the above), they sure should take the flak ‘cos they deserve it. I mean, if you ain’t got no respect for yourself, why should a random ‘cookie jar popper’ do?

*days later* Felt this should be ‘rantings of a romantic'(I further disagreed with myself :D), and the f-word and h-word should stop (I agree for now, tho’ am not editing the previous) *shoot me*. Okay, the experiences did not and has not changed me, despite all the BS around on social networks and real life, but then it did make me have a very warped opinion about some misguided ladies. When it comes to love, it aint really a straightforward thing, tho’ trust me it’s a very simple thing. Guys can be sweet, sugar-tongued, treat yer like a princess from Jupiter, and still have the wrongest intentions, while a girl could be ‘wild’ and still be the best thing in the world, *sighs* am so trying not to deviate, love and writing ’bout it can be so mind-tumbling…lol. We’ll get back to the scenarios later, if the narrative doesn’t consume the plot.

*chuckles*…lemme regroup for the next part. But my point is, there’s a lot of turmoil out there went it comes to love, we put ourselves through some, we get hooked into some, some just drop out of no where on our laps, and what’s worse, most times, we ain’t better for it (same ol’ shit, same ol’ story). Let’s talk ’bout some, you can always drop in your experiences and take too, let’s all learn. Coolies, this just a tip of the iceberg kinda, so be sure to catch the next part *winks* and share the fun with others. Love makes the world stay in shape (else the world wouldn’t be spherical by now, it’d be squared or rectangled).

Don’t forget it is ‘I, dude’, so if you are a female and you wondering he’s biased, well, come up with ‘I, female’ :)…I support feminism and will do a piece on it, though a not-too-nice piece, and talk about abortion and rape in my next blog pieces, just to say I und’stand ye female folks as far as a reasonable man can anyway, but y’all undermine yourselves in so many a ways!!!


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