This change that we want, do we really want it?

Ekoñ Ñke

Many of us watched the big hand of the clock tick for the last time in 2014 and in that millimeter long move we officially entered a new year. It’s insane really, a new year, but its thursday of the week that began on the twenty-eighth of last month. I think time is continous not segmented but if you accept that there are seconds, hours, days, weeks and months, then of course you have to accept that even though it feels no different from yesterday, you are in a new year. – Things have changed.

Every day everything seems the same, but we look back and notice that a lot has changed. This is the kind of change that endures, the type of change we humans are comfortable with, change that is subtle, change we barely notice, change we don’t have to change to appreciate.

This new ‘changed’ Nigeria, with…

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