Making a Difference

I was opportuned to attend an annual Baptist youth conference recently. And the theme of the conference was: Making a difference. So here I am giving my penny’s worth.

What exactly does it mean to be different or make a difference? Well, I feel being different simply means ‘not flowing with popularly accepted societal conformations [‘bad’ in this case, tho’ morality might come into play and complicate matters]’, and making a difference means, in this case, impacting life or conditions positively wherever an individual finds themselves.

Y’know, I was talking with a friend of mine a while back (hope she ain’t reading this, lol), and we were discussing hypocrisy in the Church. She felt going to church was overrated as a lot of hypocrites are found there and the Ministers ain’t any better nor impacting. So, she kinda disliked going to church, and then, we kinda hopped into what ‘fornication’ meant, surprisingly she interjected, ‘what is the definition of fornication?’…it was funny kinda, but I there and then refused to discuss further with her. Like seriously, a Christian?!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in asking that question by a ‘non-believer’, but from a Christian, there’s a big wrong. If you don’t wanna serve God, cool…but if you say you are a Christian, then you can’t choose the laws and commands to obey and ditch some. Of course, she knew the meaning of fornication, she just wanted to argue the point. The bible isn’t to be argued but studied. Remember, we talking about making a difference, sincerely tho’, how would such a Christian make a difference? *without sentiments* Being a Christian has become a fashionable title nowadays. Am a Christian, but most so-called Christians are just worse than other religions. *aside* if someone says they are a Christian, don’t swallow line, hook, and sinker…else!

I mean, the world is so sexual-draped right now, so much sexual perversion flying around, one can’t turn anywhere without seeing something suggestive of sex and in this, it’s difficult separating so-called Christians and non-Christians. You just have to see some brides in church, wonder if they know what white signifies when the whole bursting boobs wanna just pop out. Sex – either physical or literary-wise (chats, texts, etc.) is freely shared amongst so-called Christians [and am not saying am a Saint], forgetting thinking it is same as engaging physically in it – sin.

So how exactly can we make a difference, when all the guys think of is getting in the girl’s panties and the ladies – having that phallus in their mouth, arse, or cookie jar, forget love these days, it’s a rare commodity. I do wonder if we have ‘boyfriends/girlfriends’ [forget courtship] or ‘sexfriends/buddies’, that’s how bad I think it is. I might be wrong though. Most girls lack ambition, girl go get rich and stop chasing some rich ready-made marriage material dude!!! *shrugs* How do we make a difference when we are all so addicted to irrelevancies, rendering our thinking faculties redundant. Movies (too much anyway) kill the brain [believe it or not], go read books! For some peeps it’s a case of season movies to season movies, smh. And yet we blame our leaders?! For real, who are those ‘leaders’ of tomorrow? We? *chuckles* I feel things are gonna be different really…for worse #justsaying.

Making a difference doesn’t mean not having fun, or being overly rigid, it simply means doing the right thing at the right time without bulging or in fear of what might be after. It means not just littering indiscriminately (regardless of availability of waste bins), it means not just urinating indecently anywhere, it means patience while driving (except Lagos maybe)lol, it means obeying rules and regulations, it means teaching kids to be respectful and not conform with the so-called ‘disrespectful civilization’, it means valuing relationships, and a whole lot of others.

Do want a difference? Do you think you can make a difference? Are you making a difference or waiting for someone to? Can you still make a difference? Then don’t just lay in bed thinking of people who could make a difference or bring about change. Change starts from individuals, not from some fake-ass politicians. Lemme sign off with this anonymous African Proverb: If you think you are too small to make a difference, then you never spent a night with a [sneaky] mosquito. You CAN. You SHOULD!


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