A Lesson in Decision-making

Something happened today that inspired this blog. It was surprising, interesting, and educating. And it emphasizes the minute divide between doing what’s right and wrong, simple put ‘choices’.

I’m gonna start by recounting the day before today, ‘cos they’re interwoven. I was supposed to go for a choreography session, which I did, but unfortunately, the tutor and the ‘leader’ of the miming group didn’t show up…well, she didn’t inform us (myself and a young lady who showed up) that she would no longer be available and efforts to reach her were in vain. It was a lil’ frustrating ‘cos I left my research work and on my way tore my boxers (underpants) *not funny*. Well, she got in touch later in the late evening, same as the tutor, and apologized, and fixed 3.00pm the next day.

Fast forward to today, I was going for the aforementioned fixed meeting, made a (maybe wrong) choice not to make a detour to make some photocopies and scanning, just so to get to the church premises on time. I got to a T-Junction leading to my church premises, as there was a primary school there, there were vehicles on either side of the road, and then there was this vehicle blocking my path, naturally, I stayed waiting for the vehicle to move, while other cars queued impatiently behind me and honked like I knowingly like some stupid sheep stopped in the middle of the road. Some came to my window for explanation which I gave. Well, the obstructing vehicle eventually moved out of the way and as I was to move forward myself and trying to be careful not to bash a shining black Hyundai parked close to me, came a male voice ‘lo na o, ki lo ti e n wa gan’ (trans: move now, what’s he even driving), can’t remember what I said (seriously), but I did reply in even tones, and by the way, I was driving a really nice vehicle. Adding to my irritation, the next thing I heard was ‘you’re an idiot’…hmmm, I looked at the man, wanted to reply but felt he was old enough to at least be my uncle, if not dad, so I just replied ‘you are displaying it’ *chuckles*, not so sure if he heard, and drove off.

You could imagine, I was pissed, adding up yesterday’s events and today’s…I got to my destination, parked, and calmly went back to meet one of the school stewards and told him in no uncertain terms: ‘I wouldn’t tolerate someone blocking my path and then getting insulted on top of that again’. He apologized and I went my way. So I went to wait for my fellow choreographers, I was still thinking about the incident like 30 minutes later (wondering if I had offended the man before, I mean, practically no one likes to be insulted, especially when they’re not at fault), when the man in question showed up, I honestly didn’t know what to think (if he wanted a fight, I’d give him; if he came for a program in my church, we’d sort out our differences). I went to meet him, and then shook hands, and well, rightly and surprisingly (being a ‘Nigerian’), he started to apologize, stating his approach was wrong and he had no excuses and that when he got home he didn’t feel comfortable and had to trace the car to apologize to the driver. It was quite rewarding, being that I didn’t get down from the vehicle to ‘slap’ his irking face initially and that I didn’t get aggressive in my replies (well, a church youth member was at the scene anyway, lol), I mean, even the ‘you acting like one’ was said calmly. πŸ™‚ He did not for once ask for my apologies, ‘cos frankly I didn’t do anything wrong, so all I said was ‘no problem sir’. To top the good-feel up, he asked if I was working around there, and I was able to boldly say ‘this is my church, am a Baptist!’ :D. He told me his name and I told him mine, and off he drove, leaving me to type my fingers off with a small smile on my face. And ruminating on how good it is to make ‘right’ decisions (in heated situations) even when one is right.

Oh! It’s 4:40pm already, and I’m still waiting for the tutor and other choreographers (and seriously, we blame our leaders for ineffective leadership?) *hisses*. Anyway, the lesson readers, is try to make the right choices even when they seem stupid; and even if a wrong choice is made, it is never too late to make a correction. πŸ™‚

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