Riding Procrastination Pony

*sighs* Guilty as charged. Yeah, we’ve all at some point deferred what we could have probably done that moment due to flimsy and lazy-ass excusprocrastination_by_taco_slayer-d667yb4es. I mean, if indeed there was a genuine excuse, it wouldn’t be procrastination, it’d be more of time management. But we discussing procrastination here folks, postponing what could have be done right away resulting in waste of time and energy (passive or active).

Well, I could go on to give examples of instances of procrastination by me, but the two instances that come straight to mind are washing my clothes, and then getting data for my thesis. The latter one actually inspired this piece, and I can categorically say, ‘it ain’t funny’. Procrastination ain’t something to be trifled with, but anyway, I digress. So my water-conserving self #kidding *chuckles* decides to keep piling up my dirty clothes, picking a date to wash ’em became a problem, so the excuses piled up: no detergent, the sun ain’t coming up today, I’m pretty tired (after doing absolutely nothing)…blah blah. But y’know, the thing about procrastination is you’ll always run out of excuses either internal- or external-wise. In this case anyway, as it usually is in this scenario (right? fellow procrastinators), I ran out of recycled clothes, well, I dedicated two weary days to the washing of my clothes which I ermmmmm carried over from last year(2014) into the new year. That’s top secret folks. *straightface*

So the second one, well, don’t feel like sharing again, maybe some other time:), the point here is to acknowledge the evils of procrastination which is: it wastes time and at times the energy expended on the ‘project’ at the end of the day usually surpasses the one that could have been used initially, and basically it benefits noone and actually carries over negatively into other areas of our life. If one can do something now, unless there’s a higher important/logical priority, then why not do it. I used ‘important/logical’ ‘cos at times we deceive ourselves the reason we’re actually procrastinating is the best, for example, there’s work to be done, but we convince ourselves watching that season movie, sleeping, chatting away the time, just lying in bed, playing PES or FIFA Pro, etc., is more important at that moment, well those ain’t ‘important/logical’ I’d say. Nigerians are guilty of not maximising time (time management) and this so much spills into every facet of our lives (hence – African/Nigerian time), same goes for procrastination, it’s gonna affect your life physically, spiritually, academic-wise, financially, and in every other aspect.

Riding the procrastination pony is never a smooth nor straight one, and the pony usually has it’s way of dumping the rider into a swamp of ‘I could have done this earlier’ annoyance. To pick from my archives of quotes (SS1 days): “Procrastination has a deadly consequence, excuse it’s best friend is more fatal”. Well, not every procrastination has deadly consequences, but why delay something that could be done and dusted and creates space for other productive activities? Please, don’t gimme the lazy-ass argument – ‘we’re only humans’, ‘cos if we really do abide by that, then we might as well kill, steal, rape, and then hide under that. Being human doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do the right and beneficial thing, the problem is just we are undisciplined and not ready to make ‘right-now’ sacrifices for a ‘better’ after now, and this, so many at times, is the slammer of so many destroyed futures that could have turned out otherwise. So before you decide to hop on that deceptively pretty-looking pony called procrastination, be ready to count the cost!

Okay fine, it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna procrastinate once in a while (probably a lot), I mean, today I slept late, wanted to wake up early to continue my work, set my alarm and slept…yeah, alarm woke me up, I took pains to turn it off, decided to nap a lil’ more and slept for two and a half hours more! Damn! That’s procrastination! And most of us, verdict = guilty! :), but hey! we need to call a spade a spade, acknowledge it’s never helpful and not make it an habit. Habits, they say, becomes Character…. From a religious perspective, He called them and they answered ‘immediately’ (paraphrasing)Matt 4:19-22, sure the Qu’ran has examples too. But if you think you can handle the procrastination pony and be successful in (every facet of) life, be my guest!!! WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, DO IT….Get off that pony NOW! 🙂

*swipe* Procrastination or laziness, I find myself asking me as I push in inches against procrastination pony.

Watch out for ‘Turmoils of being in Love – I, dude’ series. And go read my new poetic piece @ http://thesparkng.com/rainbow/, drop a comment.


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