HUMANS not robots

The title of this blog seems funny kinda. But dear readers, we’ll be talking about friendship not some technological jargon :). Ohhh!!! First, I gotta say a big sorry, being on the lowkey for a while, not written anything, a combo of juggling research, motivation, and laziness. So I really do hope this first piece of the year formats your heart and perception about relationships – this time, friendship.images

It has to be said that we can’t be an island, and people who tend to isolate themselves are categorized as weird, most are, some are cool. I won’t dabble into why people isolate themselves. I mean even most animals tend to stick together, why not the ‘higher animals’. Alright, so what is friendship? This, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a relationship with a person/persons with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Okay, enough with the academics, we all have friends – inclusive of sexual intrigue or not, although, if there’s a sexual overlay (hmmmmm…#lipssealed). But then, some people think they have friends, but in reality all they have are waste bags wrapped up in chocolate. Hope that ain’t harsh, the truth tho’. What’s the whole point then, the point is being friends with someone nowadays has taken a lot of trifle meanings, probably due to the ever popping social networks which most times is actually counter-productive in having a healthy ‘relationship’ – friendship or otherwise. I mean, get out feel the air, meet people, and stop pressing the phone all day chatting with virtual friends.

*smiles*…So at times I wonder if I carry alone all the weight of friendship – staying in touch, carrying the conversation, caring about the little nice things, and stuffs. And then comes the wondering at times like ‘have I got friends?’, ‘do they even care’? And at times, the feeling to just abandon the whole lot of ‘friends’ seizes the soul. Bet my fried chicken and cranberry juice that there are people like this out there too. Don’t get me wrong tho’, I love being a friend and being there for all, even for peeps who don’t appreciate it (till the pinching peak tho’).

A friend of my recently said she appreciates when friends who don’t talk for a ‘while’ get in touch and chat like not a single day passed between them. Well, while that is quite appropriate to an extent and cutely adorable, personally I completely don’t feel comfortable with that – especially with people I consider ‘friends’ – and most times my sarcastic head just rears up. I mean, we can’t not talk for a month and then you want me to start being ‘nice’ and ‘chatty’.

Well, each to their own, I prefer a close-knit circle of communicating friends to a large number of unseen and unheard friends, I mean some of us have ‘friend’ phone numbers like a million on our phones we don’t communicate with. Why waste the space :D…so to help us all, who is a ‘friend’ to you. Kindly drop your comments and share with a friend. Thanks!!!!

Be a human not a robot and treat your friends alike. Damn! It’s fun doing this, a shame it’s irregular. As I take a silly bow though, lemme leave y’all with the words of Aristotle: ‘A friend is a second self’. Catch ya!!!


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