Must You Wed? No!

Well, it’s been interesting attending my brother’s wedding and all. So my piece this time around is gonna be ’bout ladies and wedding.

Hol’up a sec!!! I mean, what makes a guy wanna settle down, hitting the same love hole for the rest of his life, and how is this viewed by a lady, and the institution of marriage.

In this age where people, [pardon me] especially ladies marry for all the wrong reasons: he’s in UK/USA, he’s got money, he’s really cute (+/- muscular and probably ‘am not), he disvirgined me, he got me pregnant, he is the rebound, he is ready to marry, am getting old, am never gonna get another guy, he can go 4 rounds or can f**k real good, am lonely, peer or family pressure…I mean, the ridiculous list could go on.

Now hold it!!! Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack came down with a grin on his face and Jill’s tummy protruded months after. What ‘am try’n to say is that men do marry for wrong reasons too. Buh, *grins* being a guy, let’s talk ladies.

I’m a stickler for long ‘courtships’, hardly see myself as the whirlwind type…buh who knows, cupid might just decide to have a lil fun at my expense, and long ‘dating’ doesn’t really guarantee sh*t too (pardon the expression). Back to the bone of ‘writention’ (writing license): (1) there’s this lady and he’s known this guy for long, then the guy goes abroad to study, and it all goes haywire, she suddenly meets a guy she used to know but hadn’t seen in years and kaboom!it’s introduction. (2) there’s this young couple (not married) but really in love, and they stay so for years, the guy’s looking for a job and money to get things in order, and the ladies’ parents are ‘whining’ already, well, she meets a rich man (- young + single), and guess what, it’s wedding bells. (3) guy and girl meet in university, he’s charming and all, and tho’ the lady has vowed ‘I won’t have sex till marriage’, he sweet talks his way into the honey jar, and he keeps dipping into it, you get pregnant, he screams, you dont wanna lose him, you abort, and he keeps dipping into the honey (hold on, what do most grooms dip into during honeymoons, ‘cos nowadays it’s mostly nearly an empty honeyjar), and you become bitter and don’t love him no more, he’s fed up too, but ‘cos you given him way too much, college/university ends, u get reasonable jobs, can’t really stand each other, buh hey *sneaky* girls knowingly gets pregnant, and tough smiles…girl gets white…

The above scenarios I doubt really gonna end up cool, tis just gonna be titles and ‘persevering’…well, ya all got your arguments and all…buh nowadays, I just keep hearing saddening tales of hasty weddings and pitiable marriages – cold or crying wives, uncaring or cheating husband. Don’t be blinded by the dazzle of the ‘white gown’. Bad news for we romantics – does love really factor into weddings again…or it’s just about getting the money now. you can imagine the plight of men, why we gonna wanna settle down????! Buh then, each to their own right! just preaching my gospel yo! you could save a friend. Preach!!!

N.B: I dinna really talk ’bout men right? Hey! what were you expecting? *grins*…am a dude!!! #notbiasedthough *straightface* and oh! Still gonna do a piece, lady-centered on after-marriage and keeping it real…catch ya!

Ain't his fault!

Ain’t his fault!


4 thoughts on “Must You Wed? No!

  1. you know i was thinking this same thing, the happiest days of peoples life is the wedding day after it is down hill and they try to pretend marriage is sweet, it is only sweet if it was the right time, and was for the right reasons, every lady wants to marry then what? is it a trophy? why are ladies rushing in to get married, lets preach this gospel, there is a right time for everything


  2. THat you enter smth for the wrong reasons does not mean you will necessarily have a hard time as much as entering smth for the right reasons doesn’t guarantee a bed of roses. Life’s a risk. We are not omniscient beings. We are bounded rationally, suffer causal ambiguity for every action, and live in a world where the only thing that is certain is change. No marriage or “true” relationship is void of the unwanted or unexpected. As a result I conclude that as much as the actions and care taken before marriage are relatively significant, its the actions and care taken during marriage that counts. You can never be too prepared or prepared enough for the realities of marriage. What happens during the life-course of a marriage is a different ball game altogether which unfortunately i have no first hand experience to draw from and share at this juncture.


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