…and so a journey begins.


reality.JPEG…And so here I am lying in bed having just finished watching ‘Need for Speed (2014)’, enjoying the gracious offering of PHCN who after three days decided to distribute electricity.

Oh! By the way, having opened this particular account since 2012, and having ignored it since then, a big shoutout to my friend and brother – Automaton ‘Bayo Adegbite, who literally woke me up from my creative slumber…well, am hoping am awake, not just stumbling around like a drunk fool in bed caressing a pillow and looking for the tits.

Back to the plot, here I am, typing and grinning like a jackpot winner, feels good to write I guess. Ermmmm, having also been disgusted by the non-creative and zombie-like bloggers in the blogsphere, I hope this blog, like a ray of consistent PHCN electricity continually dishes out tasty intellectual meals.

This is me shaking my legs, waving goodbye for now, even as the unpredictable PHCN plunge my lonely cubicle into blackness.


5 thoughts on “…and so a journey begins.

  1. Good one…. A very good start I should say, here is to hoping we see more of your intellectual offerings in the future, once you begin to write consistently writing will become something you enjoy and not so much of a tedious chore. So once again welcome to the blogosphere….. And the shout out is much appreciated too *pops collar*


  2. I know a few Nigerian bloggers/writers bucking the trend. Some found the antidote and have stirred from their zombie-esque blackout. I could introduce you to their blogs if you want


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